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lite biteJuly 16th, 2010 // General News

Thanks to all pupils who have noticed that i have lost weight.Well to let you know i have been on two diets, cant get enough food on just one.I am now on a lite diet,when its light i eat.

LisaJuly 16th, 2010 // Testimonials

Thank you for helping me through my lessons and passing first time it was a total dream.I wish i was 17 again so that i could recommend you to all my friends who were about to learn to drive.Im glad i did pass plus as it helped give me a bit more confidence especially for parking.I enjoy hearing about Clare’s lessons with you and relive the “good old times”when thursday nights were the highlight of my week.Thanks Granty

Thanks lisaJuly 16th, 2010 // General News

Thanks to Lisa who not only send a testimonial but recommended her friend Clare  for lessons so a big thank you, and may the force be with you.